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    About Mastermind Groups


    For purposes of this ministry there will be 2 types of Mastermind Groups:


    1. Those who want to start a new business and complete their business plan, and
    2. Those who have existing businesses and want to share and receive ideas to advance their respective business.
    It is the goal of these Mastermind Groups to prosper greatly by helping advance each other’s business.
    This will be achieved by brainstorming ideas and by sharing contacts, software, resources, past pertinent business experiences, and anything else that you know of that will help the other person’s business.
    There is NO CHARGE to become a member of a Mastermind Group.


    Format Of Meeting:


    These groups can be facilitated online (Google Hangouts, Skype, GoToMeeting, etc.) or in person.
    One person presents at a time, and the others critique, ask questions and give constructive criticism – good or bad. There is no room for egos in this environment. Lay down your ego before the meeting and write down all the ideas and input that comes forth from other members of the group. This is a time when everyone must be completely honest – don’t hold anything back.
    A series of Lesson Plans for start-up businesses are available in the Lesson Plans section – click the Lesson Plans button on the left navigation of the website. These Lesson Plans are designed to help direct the content of the meeting to complete a business plan.
    For existing businesses it is recommended that each participant share a strategy that they have found to be effective to increase profits. It is also recommended that they bring up an area where they are having difficulty in their business to seek help from the other participants in the group.
    These groups will meet often, usually once a week, twice a month, or monthly – each group may decide what is most productive for them.
    The facilitator needs to be capable of handling an interactive group.


    About Mastermind Groups



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